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Philo Vance - Single Episodes

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Philo Vance - Single Episodes


Philo Vance was the detective creation of S. S. Van Dine first published in the mid 1920s. Vance, in the original books, is an intellectual so highly refined he seems he might be ghostwritten by P. G. Wodehouse. Take this quote from The Benson Murder Case, 1924, as Vance pontificates in his inimitable way: "That's your fundamental error, don't y' know. Every crime is witnessed by outsiders, just as is every work of art. The fact that no one sees the criminal, or the artist, actu'lly at work, is wholly incons'quential."

Thankfully, the radio series uses only the name, and makes Philo a pretty normal, though very intelligent and extremely courteous gumshoe. Jose Ferrer played him in 1945. From 1948-1950, the fine radio actor Jackson Beck makes Vance as good as he gets. George Petrie plays Vance's constantly impressed public servant, District Attorney Markham. Joan Alexander is Ellen Deering, Vance's secretary and right-hand woman.

The organist for the show is really working those ivories, and fans of old time radio organ will especially enjoy this series. Perhaps one reason the organist "pulls out all the stops" is because there seems to be little, if any, sound effects on the show.

Philo Vance, the radio series, does pay homage to the original books in that both were, even in their own time, a bit out of date and stilted.

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Reviewer: harron68 - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2015
Subject: Philo, Naked
I'm not used to shows without ads or announcers or a melodic theme. The series has good plotting but seems to have been made on a budget. Organ music is a bit jarring. Acting is good, all in all above par for detective shows of the era.
Reviewer: TubeRadio - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 14, 2015
Subject: Philo Is Great
I have never been a fan of the old dumb cop vs detective theme, and that is one of the reasons why I like Philo Vance so much. Philo is a smart detective, not given to emotional outbursts and works well with the police.
Reviewer: foxyryan - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, 2015
Subject: I love this program
I love a detective story this is entertaining worth listening to.
Reviewer: jonfrum - favoritefavorite - May 3, 2013
Subject: I wish these were better
For context, I'm a big Philip Marlowe/Sam Spade OTR fan. This series just doesn't work for me. I listened to a few episodes, and the quality of the writing just isn't up to Marlowe/Spade snuff, and nor is the acting. The cop in the series is of the Hollywood variety - painfully inept. Every episode I listened to ran the same stereotype into the ground. I wanted to like this series, but just can't recommend it.
Reviewer: nokneesOTRguy - - January 4, 2013
Subject: Use link for OTRR Certified Set
The zipped download file on this page expands to only 3 episodes. You can listen to all series episodes individually. To download all episodes use the OTRR Certified Set link in the Notes section. Takes you to an OTRR page where you can download 653.8 MB and 666.9 MB Zip files. I'll rate the series after listening to more episodes. Not sure how I'll respond to OTR with a great organist but few sound effects.
Reviewer: Cyberflyer - favoritefavorite - January 4, 2013
Subject: Short previews?
For some reason the majority of episodes are 3 minures long --not enough to get to the intro.
Reviewer: CKershner - - October 29, 2008
Subject: Download error
I would love to review Philo Vance as a whole but so far have been unable to complete a download of all files so I can listen off-computer. Get about 130 mb and then an error message the file cannot be expanded. If this happened once, I could understand; but it has happened with every download attempt. Anyone else experience the same problem?
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